Successful Twitter Campaign

Twitter can be a very effective way in getting awareness out for businesses, products, and social causes/issues. A successful corporate social media campaign using Twitter is a good way in letting publics spread word to each other about these different causes, products, and such. Just by putting a hash tag next to a companies name will attract publics. Twitter is also connected to many other social medias such as Facebook and Tumblr, which can spread even more awareness. The deeper a company goes into a social media platform, the more effective it will be.

The three rules that a company should follow when creating a successful corporate media campaign are:

1. Have a defined goal and figure out your target audience before doing anything.

2. Leave the social media to the experts.

3: Give the public something to talk about.

Defining a set goal and figuring out whom to target is the number one step when creating a social media campaign. If a company doesn’t have a set goal in mind, the whole campaign could go terribly wrong. Never forget what the business goal is as well. The goal should help your business, not destroy it. Leaving the social media to the experts will also help a campaign because they will know exactly when to place certain messages. Also they will know the different ways that twitter can spread over to all the other social medias. By giving the public something to talk about will really help a business create awareness. People are more likely to listen to each other and follow each other’s options than anything else. Whether or not the messages are positive or negative is all up to the public.

If a Twitter campaign were to go wrong controlling and monitoring the twitter account is really important because the sooner an experts see a negative message, the faster it can be taken down. One direction a business can go if a Twitter campaign goes wrong is take everything that the public was saying that was negative and changes their view on that. It can be done in many different ways such as poking fun at themselves. Another thing that a business could do is that they could focus the public’s attention onto something completely different, which may help them forget about the negative messages. By correcting the problem fast and effective will show the public that the company is fully aware of what is wrong with them.


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